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The Most Features On The Web!!

Standard Features For Virtual Accounts
  • 25 Megabytes storage space
  • Operating System Available:
    • Unix with/without FrontPage Extensions - Virtual Only
  • Unlimited Full FTP access for your on-line Web creation and maintenance
  • 10 POP3 e-mail boxes with unlimited E-mail aliases & forwarding
  • Controlled Anonymous FTP
  • Telnet access
  • True Multiple T-1 & a T-3 Connection, with controlled load on each server -typically less than 20%
  • 99% uptime
  • Manage Files via Browser
  • Secured Environment
  • Site Statistics
  • Access to "Local" CGIBIN directory
  • Protected servers & communications software
Fully functional CGI, featuring:


Package Setup Charge Discounted Contracts
Virtual Domains $40 *** $19.95/Mo** 12 Month Contract
SAVE $20.00
Non -Virtual Business Domains $40 *** 6 Months


12 Month Contract
SAVE $20.00
Non-Virtual Personal Domains $20 ***   12 Month Contract
(** 12 month minimum contract)(*** Does not include the Internic Fee)

Additional Accounts/Services

Services Setup Charge
Point additional Domain Names to same location ("parked" domain)
What Is A Parked Domain?
None $50 One Time Fee
Additional E-mail, Telnet, & FTP accounts None $5 Qtr

Web Site Design

Web Site Design Setup Charge

Company Highlights:

  • 1 fast loading page with company name and logo
  • List or summary of the company's services or products
  • E-Mail link to your company
1-2 days $120.00

Stage Presence On The Web:

  • A 5 page interlinked web site
  • Fast loading front page with name, logo, introductory statements, and links to the other pages with brief descriptions.
  • E-Mail auto-responder. Automaticaly sends email with discription of company products or services.
  • The 4 remaining pages can be packed full of information, services or product descriptions, price lists, etc.
  • Web Site submitted to major search engines with brief introductory paragraph and key-words
  • Listings on Links Directory and Sponsors Directory.
1-2 weeks $500.00

Corporate Site:

  • All that comes with the above "Stage Presence On The Web"
  • Fifteen to twenty pages interlinked and catagorized
  • Plenty of room to say what you want!
  • Pay tribute to Company Executives and Employees
  • Lists and Pictures of Products
  • Offer advice on sales and services
  • Show technical support manuals
  • Place Annual Reports, Quartly Reports, News Releases on the Web
  • Show links to other companies that compliment your services or products
  • Extensive Site Preparation
2-4 weeks $1200.00

Sound good? Ordering our services.

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