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    Check out DVD Audio!

    DVD-A is the latest way to hear multichannel, audiophile-quality albums in your home, using your DVD or DVD-Audio player. A DVD-A can hold up to seven times the data of a normal CD, which results in added features and better sound. Also, with its sampling rate higher than that of average CDs (up to 192 kHz, whereas most CDs get 44.1 kHz), you may hear a lot more details. Nearly all DVD-As are engineered for multichannel/surround-sound listening (using five or six speakers). With the right equipment, you'll be able to hear your favorite music in breathtaking surround sound.

    Equipment Needed
    First off, DVD-Audios will not play on normal CD players. You'll need a DVD-Audio player in order to fully capture the capabilities of these discs. A receiver with 5.1 analog inputs and five speakers (left, center, right, left surround, right surround, and a subwoofer) should also be used to capture the surround-sound capabilities of DVD-As. While pure DVD-As will not play on standard DVD players, most releases (including all the titles produced by Warner, Atlantic, and Elektra) contain a Dolby Digital surround-sound mix, making them playable on any DVD player. Though these discs are primarily audio-only, you'll be best off using them in conjunction with your TV, so you can watch the additional onscreen features (see below) and navigate the menus with ease. It's all a little complicated, but music-loving home theater enthusiasts won't be disappointed!

    Improved Sound
    Thanks to a higher sampling rate than that of both standard DVDs and CDs, DVD-As have an incredibly detailed sound. And, when played through a proper home-theater setup with five or six channels (speakers), you'll get to hear your favorite music in a whole new light--in surround sound. Depending on the remastering, the effect of surround sound on your favorite album can be subtle or dramatic, but generally speaking, every DVD-Audio sounds better than its standard CD counterpart.

    Additional Onscreen Features
    The added onscreen features available on DVD-Audios vary from title to title. DVD-As often have extra unreleased tracks, photo slide shows of the artist performing, song lyrics, music videos, and interviews. But don't expect to get footage of a full concert or videos for every track; DVD-As devote the bulk of their space to high-quality audio-only music. Happy listening!

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    Top CDs 2000
    1.Supernatural ~ Santana
    2.Riding with the King ~ Eric Clapton & B.B. King
    3.Brand New Day ~ Sting
    4.On How Life Is ~ Macy Gray
    5.Two Against Nature ~ Steely Dan
    6.All That You Can't Leave Behind ~ U2
    7.No Strings Attached ~ N Sync
    8.Oops!.. I Did It Again ~ Britney Spears
    9.You're The One ~ Paul Simon, Paul Simon
    10.Kid A ~ Radiohead

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    Paul McCartney
    Randy Newman
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    Neil Young

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